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paul kingsley squire



London based artist Paul Kingsley Squire is a British painter and draftsman whose works have been exhibited across the UK. He harnesses central themes of metamorphosis and transformation to create a range of different works: from digital on plexiglass to pencil on paper to oil on canvas. 

Across each medium, Squire's artistic signature retains a consistent ethereal quality, and boasts polish and thoughtfulness that allows ideas of psychology, nature and consciousness to be pondered by each viewer.

Abstract Landscape Oil Paintings

“Supernature” is a series of abstract landscape paintings which use thick layers of oil paint to create textures and depth. Paul is interested in how the medium of oil paint can be used to create effects and suggest forms within the painting itself. 

These landscapes generate an otherworldly yet naturalistic image, leaving the subject open to interpretation. The intention is to create paintings using experimental techniques, producing work that is abstracted and expressionistic.

The rhythmic weaving of the brushstrokes creates energy and flow, enhancing the suggestion of a natural process creating swirling mists and organic forms.

Digital Pen & Tablet

“METAMORPHICA & The Danse Macabre” is a series of works that draws inspiration from mythology, symbolism, pop culture and contemporary fashion. These animal headed hybrids and dead beat fashionistas mix humans with paganistic totemism and skeletal decadence, resulting in a highly stylised ultra modern icon. 

Using a digital pen & tablet, a framework is digitally drawn in exquisite detail and then meticulously coloured, to create the finished artwork. 

Continuing the theme of Metamorphosis "SPACETOURS 3000” journeys into outer space, meeting the strange inhabitants of a universe teeming with life. Humans jet around in pulse powered jet packs exploring the universe like a galactic safari park...

Pencil Drawings

An ongoing portfolio of pencil drawings exploring the interlinking relationship between natural landscapes, human and animals forms, combining detailed drawings of woods and trees within silhouette outlines.