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Olga Buchkovska (1948-2017) was born in L’viv Region, Ukraine. Her passion for oil painting started at the very young age of 10, when her parents bought her an oil painting set to pass the time.

The beautiful sceneries around her house opened her senses for art and oil painting in special even more.

Olga Buchkovska interest in art was so profound that she was hired to the National Ukrainian Opera House, being responsible for painting all background sets and sceneries.

While working at National Opera House, she took inspiration from famous artists, painting at their request oil canvass to theirs and friends art collections. In the year of 2000 she retired and dedicated all her time and attention to oil painting, her life’s passion! She participated in several art exhibitions in Ukraine, Portugal and Spain and her paintings are in collections in Portugal, Spain, Canada, United States, Germany and Ukraine, she’s proud of being a positive beacon in their homes and offices.